What to do in punta cana bavaro?

Palma Real Shopping Village · 4.Cave Oleg Bat House, Downtown Punta Cana · Bavaro Beach · Bebe Catamarans Punta Cana Playa Bavaro is undoubtedly the No. Beautiful, popular, an endless stretch of fine sand, turquoise ocean, billowing palm trees and cool beach clubs: Bavaro Beach has everything you could ask for from a perfect Caribbean beach.

What to do in punta cana bavaro?

Palma Real Shopping Village · 4.Cave Oleg Bat House, Downtown Punta Cana · Bavaro Beach · Bebe Catamarans Punta Cana Playa Bavaro is undoubtedly the No. Beautiful, popular, an endless stretch of fine sand, turquoise ocean, billowing palm trees and cool beach clubs: Bavaro Beach has everything you could ask for from a perfect Caribbean beach. In addition, many all-inclusive resorts line the length of this beach, so you're very likely to stay on or near Bavaro Beach during your Punta Cana vacation. Nowhere is the dream of a Caribbean paradise like Punta Cana.

The easternmost point of the Dominican Republic is one of the most famous tourist cities in the region, a reputation that every grain of its white sand deserves. This is the Dominican Republic at its most touristic point, with more an incredible variety of hotels waiting to accommodate those looking for its 32 km of beaches and the clearest waters. Of course, the abundance of resorts brings with it a strange sense of commercialism, not to mention the fear of excessive tourism, but there is more to the most visited city in Latin America than all that. What are the best things to do in Punta Cana? A chocolate museum, for starters, and who doesn't like chocolate? Add in the national parks, variety of adventure activities and incredible biodiversity, and you have a piece of paradise on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

What's going on? A key part of Scape Park, this sinkhole (cenote) is hidden at the base of a 75-meter cliff. Why go? Turquoise waters attract crowds. Blue Hole is a natural phenomenon filled with crystal clear water. It is advisable to visit it early, as it can be very popular, and don't forget to bring a bathing suit so you can swim in the waters.

What's going on? An ecological park and reserve spread over 1,500 acres of subtropical forest. Why go? This area is privately owned, but is dedicated to conservation and scientific research. Visitors can enjoy the 12 freshwater lagoons, five of which are open for swimming. The Guama Lagoon is 26 feet deep and many love to dive from the platform here, certainly one for the GoPro.

Why go? If you want to escape the crowds of tourists, Saona Island is the paradise you need. The island is a government-protected nature reserve and part of the Eastern National Park. You'll find wildlife all over the island, from birds to a beach full of starfish. If you're lucky, you'll see sea turtles laying their eggs during the nesting season.

Bavaro is an area in Punta Cana, located in the province of La Altagracia, Dominican Republic. While Punta Cana was built as an area for tourists, Bavaro developed as a home for resort workers and their families. Over the years, as hotels began to grow along the east coast, north of Punta Cana, Bavaro became a tourist area. There are numerous hotels in Bavaro, the oldest and most historic of which is called Barcelo.

There is also a shopping centre, as well as several other facilities, such as gift shops, bars, restaurants, Mangu and Areito nightclubs and a White Sands golf course. If you like something challenging and having fun in different ways, the Bavaro Adventure Park is the right place to be. It offers 15 incredible attractions, from the fast shooting paintball game, the zipline skywalker to the bungee trampoline. If you are traveling with children, pleasant tour packages such as an eco tour, a swimming pool with a waterfall and a children's playground are absolutely available.

Wake up your adrenaline while exploring the Punta Cana countryside on an ATV or Polaris. Discover beautiful places on the island such as Macau Beach and the Cenote Taina on this family adventure. After meeting your driver and boarding your buggy, start your action-packed adventure around Punta Cana. Forge your own route through the stunning countryside and popular Macau beach area.

Visit a typical Dominican house and watch the production of coffee, chocolate, cocoa and organic tobacco. Try these local products before continuing to an impressive cave and cenote to relax in the crystal clear water. Follow your muddy path and head to the paradisiacal Macau beach, recognized by UNESCO as one of the 10 best beaches in the world. Leave the Punta Cana, Bavaro and Uvero Alto areas and travel by bus through the wonderful countryside of the Dominican Republic along country roads.

Discover magical places that perfectly capture the most exquisite flora of the Caribbean. Travel along a new road that connects the area with the Bavarian city of Miches in just 1 hour. Marvel at the colors as you pass through the villages of La Colonia and El Cedro along the way. Arrive at the ranch in time for a delicious light breakfast.

Then, head to a private dock to board a speedboat and set sail to search for humpback whales in their natural environment. Visit Cayo Levantado (Bacardi Island) to experience a tropical paradise surrounded by crystal clear waters. Marvel at the magical setting of turquoise waters and sandy beaches. Then continue by boat to the pier, where you will board a comfortable air-conditioned bus to the town of El Limón.

Stop for a hearty buffet or Dominican lunch at Rancho Los Cocos. Take a trip back in time, where you will enjoy an interesting historical account. Visit the most emblematic museums in the Dominican capital, with architectural designs dating back to the time of the discovery of America. Comfortable air-conditioned buses will take you during this full-day activity.

A professional guide will share his knowledge about the history of European colonization in America. After picking you up from your hotel, head to 3 Eyes National Park, a complex of underground caves and lagoons initially inhabited by the Taino Indians. Next, we headed to visit the Colonial Zone, the first permanent European settlement in America. Founded in 1502 by Spanish colonizers, it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Visit the first Cathedral in America, the Alcázar de Columbus or the Viceregal Palace of Don Diego. Meet Las Damas Street, the first street on the island. Enjoy panoramic visits to the National Palace and the Columbus Lighthouse, a monument built in memory of Christopher Columbus and where his remains rest. Take a two-hour off-road tour of the Dominican coast in a 4x4 on this tour from Punta Cana.

Visit the easternmost part of the island, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Drive through the dunes along the coast and enjoy the beautiful views. Enjoy a delicious Dominican lunch before relaxing in the park's waterfall pool. Enjoy a convenient round-trip shared transfer from your hotel in Punta Cana, Bavaro, Cap Cana or Uvero Alto.

It can be reached from most all-inclusive resorts in approximately 2.5 hours, making it a perfect day trip from Punta Cana. When you come to the Caribbean and especially to the Dominican Republic, probably one of the first ideas that come to mind when you think of something typical to do in Punta Cana is sailing on a catamaran in the colorful Caribbean Sea. While most of the time you won't stay with Dominicans when booking an Airbnb, most accommodations include a host who can give you complete information about your stay in Punta Cana, more personal, with additional insider tips and completely personalized. When heading for a tour of the countryside and culture, you will definitely return home with lots of ideas that other travelers in Punta Cana don't have.

Beach addicts should not ignore Playa Bavaro, one of the recommended places in the Punta Cana area. These huge mammals visit Samana Bay north of Punta Cana every year between January and March, making this area the most popular whale watching spot in the entire Caribbean. If you've ever dreamed of owning your own yacht, you can fulfill this dream by checking this item off your to-do list in Punta Cana. Make sure to bookmark it and save it to your favorites so that you always have it at hand during your vacation in Punta Cana.

Exploring waterfalls is probably the best thing to do in Punta Cana when it comes to adventures and my favorite option to enjoy nature. If the zipline isn't your cup of tea, but you want to have fun and act as much as when you're flying in the air, you should consider a buggy tour in Punta Cana. If you want to take an extended helicopter tour where you visit some of Punta Cana's attractions instead of just flying, you can choose the tour that heads to Salto de la Jalda and Playa Esmeralda*, the highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic and one of the most remote beaches in the country. If this sounds like something exciting for you, continue reading this extensive guide to whale watching in Punta Cana here.

These excursions with dune buggies, ATVs, Polaris or Terracross are some of the most popular things to do in Punta Cana and guarantee a lot of fun. Big Marlin Charters is a boat rental and fishing company located in a lively tourist area of Punta Cana and caters to both experienced and beginner anglers. This is the most individual way to explore Samana from Punta Cana and you won't regret it, as you can see in this driverless sightseeing itinerary for Samana. .


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